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ASEZ Master Plan

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In 2002, ASEZA adopted a comprehensive Master Plan that encompasses development activities in the Zone for the promotion of portal, urban, tourist, commercial, academic and other investment sectors. Developed planning already covers five special areas: Aqaba Town, the Port Areas, the Coral Costal Zone, the Southern Industrial Zone and the Airport Industrial Zone.

Aqaba Town
Modern architecture is to complement the old city traditional elements, thus creating a unique cultural environment, and which is more, new opportunities for investors especially in the tourist, commercial and residential areas of development.

Port Areas
The Aqaba Port Areas include the Main Port, the Container Port and the Southern Industrial Port. According to the Master Plan, a common location- the Main Port- is established to merge the three existing port area activities into one expanded entertainment, residential, hotel and cruises service center. In addition, APM Terminals signed a 2-year management contract with the Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC) for the management and upgrading of the Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT) operations. The Industrial Port will also undergo expanded development activities for new facilities.

Coral Costal Zone
The Coral Costal Zone is undergoing a wide residential, hotel and entertainment facilities construction process for the development of an advanced community resort, with respect to relative beach and coral reefs protection requirements.

Southern Industrial Zone
The Zone extends along the Southern Industrial Zone Port and consists of reorganized and expanded current sites. New transportation systems, including a railway terminal, will serve the developed area.

Airport Industrial Zone
Ideal for industrial facilities, permitted land uses in the Zone include logistics and distribution, high-tech industries, warehousing, light manufacturing, showrooms, office complexes and airport-related business activities.

Reserves and Environmental Zones
The Master Plan aims at preserving natural resources within the construction frame. It comprises several zones and reserves for the protection of Aqaba’s cultural, archeological, historical and natural heritage and diversity. Areas include: Five environmental zones, coral reserves, archeological reserves, natural area reserves and a Beach Protection Zone.

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