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Aqaba New port project

In year 2001, a master plan for Aqaba city has been developed in which the current main port land use has been altered to be for touristic uses which requires the relocation of all ports operations to the far southern area. This process aims toward extending the coastal front of the city, allow for natural growth of economical and touristic development of the city, establishing a logistically served port supported by industries in order to increase the handling volumes, enhance the handling and storage efficiency and reduce the cost in addition to improving the environmental conditions of the city and developing the southern zone in accordance with Master plan’s objectives.


Aqaba New Port Master plan indicating all phases

ADC had prepared a development and land uses plan for the southern zone in light of the master plan which has been approved by ASEZA that includes the relocation of main port facilities to the southern zone for handling general cargo, grain and RoRo while the phosphate will be handled through the newly constructed Phosphate Terminal. 

ADC had conducted through specialized consultancy firms all required assessment, analysis and investigations such as port planning report, trade and traffic forecast reports, geotechnical investigation, ship simulation, Environmental Impact Assessment …etc. Also, ADC had completed the required port support infrastructure like utilities installations and connection roads network in addition to the flood protection channel.


Layout showing all installed utilities and constructed connecting roads network

Port general master plan has been developed for the purpose of meeting the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan’s demands. The trade and traffic analysis shows the ability to construct the new port in three phases. The port capacity in form of number of berths, grain storage, yards, sheds and other facilities were identified for each phase.
As a result, phase 1 is 4 berths while two additional berths are identified for phase 2 and same for phase 3 bringing the total number to 8 berths. Initially 100,000 ton as a first phase of the new port were envisaged and rather 1000,000 tone to be expanded in the later stages by 50,000 each phase.

In order to insure the most effective implementation of construction works ADC had divided the works into three specialized packages and one sub package ensuring parallel execution of the works by specialized contractors and achieve an overall  cost reduction. The packages are:

• Package 1 : Marine Works (Phase 1) handed over to ADC
• Package 1 A: Earth Works handed over to ADC
• Package 2: Grain Terminal. under construction 93%
• Package 3: Infrastructure, buildings, yards and sheds. under construction 85%

Aerial picture of the Aqaba New Port and Marine Service Harbor

Aerial picture of the Aqaba New Port Grain Silos

Construction of Aqaba New Port Phase Two Expansion
Phase two of marine works
ADC commits to meeting all Kingdom’s port current and future demands and therefore ADC consistently monitored the possible impacts on trade and traffic forecast. ADC had noticed the impact of the recent regional challenges on the forecasted traffic and trade volumes that were the basis of the original port planning report and immediately assigned Dar / ARCADIS JV in 2012 to develop a new comprehensive detailed traffic forecast and port planning report.

The updated port planning report recommended the following:

•The construction two additional berths in the basin area for a total length of 500m
•Extending berths 3 & 4 for an additional 80m and reach a depth of -13m.

                           Concept plan for phase two expansion

ADC had awarded the consultancy services to the joint venture of Moffatt & Nichol and Mostaqbal Engineering and Environmental Consultants. The contract under awarding to the preferred bider the joint venture of impresa di costruzioni lng. E Mantovani Spa with Abu Shreikh Contracting Co.(ASRC)

Phase two of Grain Silos
ADC in liaison with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Jordan Silos Company is implementing the expansion of grain terminal through the addition of a new storage silos with a capacity of 100,000 ton, that make the terminal over all capacity 200,000 ton, and increase the truck loading bays and handling system.

Project Status:
Reference to comprehensive detailed traffic forecast and port planning report output and recommendation It was also necessary to immediately start the second phase of grain silos. To construct additional 24 silos for a total capacity of 100,000 tons. Based on that a special committee was formed  to follow up on project work, and the committee consist from the following parties:
1.Aqaba development corporation.
2.Jordan Silos & Supply General Co.
3.Ministry of finance.

ADC submit RFP for design and tender document preparation to consultant companies and the contract awarded to the joint venture of Royal Haskoning DHV &ACE
The committee add to the consultants scope of work the availability of use the grain terminal as export station.

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